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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 148

Canon for Christmas Day


by S. Cosmas

μυστήριον ξένον.

O wond’rous mystery, full of passing grace!
  The grot becometh Heav’n: the Virgin's breast
The bright Cherubic Throne: the stall that place,
  Where He, Who fills all space, vouchsafes to rest:
  Christ our God, to Whom we raise
  Hymns of thankfulness and praise!

The course propitious of the unknown Star
  The Wise-men follow’d on its heavenly way,—
Until it led them, beckoning from afar,
  To where the Christ, the King of all things, lay:
  Him in Bethlehem they find,
  Born the Saviour of mankind.

p. 149

"Where is the Child," they ask, "the new-born King,
  Whose herald-light is glittering in the sky,—
To Whom our offerings and our praise we bring?"
  And Herod's heart is troubled utterly.
  Armed for war with God, in vain
  Would he see that Infant slain.

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