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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 139

Canon for Christmas Day


by S. Cosmas

Θεὸς ὢν εἰρήνης.

Father of Peace, and God of Consolation!
  The Angel of the Counsel dost Thou send
To herald peace, to manifest Salvation,
  Thy Light to pour, Thy knowledge to extend;
Whence, with the morning's earliest rays,
Lover of men! Thy Name we praise.

’Midst Cæsar's subjects Thou, at his decreeing,
  Obey’dst and was enrolled: our mortal race,
To sin and Satan slave, from bondage freeing,
  Our poverty in all points didst embrace:
And by that Union didst combine
The earthly with the All-Divine.

p. 140

Lo! Mary, as the world's long day was waning,
  Incarnate Deity conceived and bore;
Virgin in birth, and after birth, remaining;
  And man to God is reconciled once more
Wherefore in faith her name we bless,
And Mother of our God confess.

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