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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 105

Canon for Easter Day


by S. John Damascene.

αὕτη ἥ κλητή.

Thou hallowed chosen morn of praise,
  That best and greatest shinest!
Lady and Queen and Day of days,
  Of things divine, divinest!
On thee our praises Christ adore
For ever and for evermore.

Come, let us taste the Vine's new fruit
  For heavenly joy preparing:
To-day the branches with the Root
  In Resurrection sharing:
Whom as True God our hymns adore
For ever and for evermore.

p. 106

Rise, Sion, rise, and looking forth,
  Behold thy children round thee!
From East and West, and South and North,
  Thy scatter’d sons have found thee!
And in thy bosom Christ adore
For ever and for evermore.

O Father! O co-equal Son!
  O co-eternal Spirit!
In Persons Three, in Substance One,
  And One in power and merit;
In Thee baptiz’d, we Thee adore
For ever and for evermore!

[No. 1 in Mr. Sedding's book. A very appropriate melody.]

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