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Abelard and His Student Heloise, by Edmund Blair Leighton: WikiMedia [1882] (Public Domain Image)

The Story of My Misfortunes

The Autobiography of Peter Abelard

tr. by Henry Adams Bellows


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Title Page
Chapter I. Of The Birthplace of Pierre Abelard and of His Parents
Chapter II. Of The Persecution He Had...
Chapter III. Of How He Came To Laon To Seek Anselm As Teacher
Chapter IV. Of The Persecution He Had From His Teacher Anselm
Chapter V. Of How He Returned to Paris and Finished the Glosses Which He Had Begun at Laon
Chapter VI. Of How, Brought Low By His Love For Heloise, He Was Wounded In Body And Soul
Chapter VII. Of The Arguments of Heloise Against Wedlock, of How None the Less He Made Her His Wife
Chapter VIII. Of The Suffering of His Body, Of How He Became A Monk in the Monastery of St. Denis and Heloise A Nun at Argenteuil
Chapter IX. Of His Book on Theology and His Persecution at the Hands of His Fellow Students of the Council Against Him
Chapter X. Of The Burning of His Book, of the Persecution He Had...
Chapter XI. Of His Teaching in the Wilderness
Chapter XII. Of the Persecution Directed Against Him By Sundry New Enemies Or, As It Were, Apostles
Chapter XIII. Of the Abbey to Which He Was Called and of the Persecution He Had...
Chapter XIV. Of the Vile Report of His Iniquity
Chapter XV. Of the Perils of His Abbey and of the Reasons for the Writing of This His Letter