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Chapter 8.—From the Corruption and Destruction of Inferior Things is the Beauty of the Universe.

But the rest of things that are made of nothing, which are assuredly inferior to the rational soul, can be neither blessed nor miserable.  But because in proportion to their fashion and appearance are things themselves p. 353 good, nor could there be good things in a less or the least degree except from God, they are so ordered that the more infirm yield to the firmer, the weaker to the stronger, the more impotent to the more powerful; and so earthly things harmonize with celestial, as being subject to the things that are pre-eminent.  But to things falling away, and succeeding, a certain temporal beauty in its kind belongs, so that neither those things that die, or cease to be what they were, degrade or disturb the fashion and appearance and order of the universal creation; as a speech well composed is assuredly beautiful, although in it syllables and all sounds rush past as it were in being born and in dying.

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