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Translated by the Rev. RICHARD STOTHERT, M.A., Bombay, and Prof. Albert H. Newman, D.D., LL.D., Toronto

Introductory essay on the Manichæan heresy.

By Dr. Newman.

On the Morals of the Catholic Church

(De Moribus Ecclesiæ Catholicæ),

A.D. 388.

Translated by the Rev. Richard Stothert.

On the Morals of the Manichæans

(De Moribus Manichæorum),

A.D. 388.

Translated by the Rev. Richard Stothert.

On Two Souls, against the Manichæans

(De Duabus Animabus, contra Manichæos),

A.D. 391.

Translated by Dr. Newman.

Acts or Disputation against Fortunatus the Manichæan

(Acta seu Disputatio contra Fortunatum Manichæum),

A.D. 392.

Translated by Dr. Newman.

Against the Epistle of Manichæus called Fundamental

(Contra Epistolam Manichæi quam vocant Fundamenti),

A.D. 397.

Translated by the Rev. R. Stothert.

Reply to Faustus the Manichæan

(Contra Faustus Manichæum, Libri XXXIII ),

A.D. 400.

Translated by the Rev. R. Stothert.

Concerning the nature of good, against the Manichæans

(De Natura Boni contra Manichæos),

A.D. 404.

Translated by Dr. Newman.


Translated by the Rev. J.R. King, M.A., Vicar of St. Peter’s in the East, Oxford, and late Fellow and Tutor of Merton College, Oxford.

The Translation revised, with additional annotations, by the Rev. Chester D. Hartranft, D.D.,  Professor of Biblical and Ecclesiastical History in the Theological Seminary at Hartford, Connecticut.

Introductory to the Anti-Donatist Writings.

By Dr. Hartranft.

On Baptism, against the Donatists

(De Baptismo, contra Donatistas, Libri VII ),

Circa, A.D. 400.

Answer to Letters of Petilian, Bishop of Cirta

(Contra Litteras Petiliani Donatistæ Cirtensis Episcopi, Libri III ),

A.D. 400.

The Correction of the Donatists

(De Correctione Donatistarum Liber seu Epistola CLXXXV ),

Circa, A.D. 417.

Index to the Anti-Manichæan Writings.

Index to the Anti-Donatist Writings.

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