63 A city of Numidia.

64 A city of Numidia.

65 "Damatcore," or "Vamaccore," in Numidia.

66 [Here we may think as we choose as to this conclusion, but the appeal to Holy Scripture proves that this is the only infallible authority.]

67 Mazula in Numidia.

68 A city of Byzacena.

69 Aeptij Mikra-a city of Byzacena.

70 Tabors, a city of Mauritania Caesariensis.

71 Apparently in reference to Mark xvi. 17, 18.

72 Matt. xxviii. 19.

73 A city of Byzacena.

74 A city of Zeugitana -" Sicilibra," thirty-four miles from Carthage.

75 Probably "Garra," a city of Mauritania Caesariensis, or "Garriana," a city of Byzacena.

76 [Referring to Acts xxii. 16 and John xx. 23.]

77 A city of Zeugitana, famous as being the place of Cato's death now called Byzerta.

78 Scil. "urbs," a city of Byzacena. The epithet refers to its being a place frequented by the veterans of German cohort, and distinguishes it from "Abbiritana."

79 A city of Zeugitana.

80 Gen. i. 4.

81 Possibly "Lubertina."

82 1 Kings xviii. 21.

83 A city of Numidia.

84 A city of Byzacena.

85 Otherwise "Bobba," a city of Mauritania.

86 Rom. iii. 3, 4.

87 A city of Byzacena.

88 A city of Zeugitana.

89 This seems to be "Ausana" or "Ausagga."

90 A city of Byzacena.

91 The Oxford reads "Another Saturninus."

92 A city of Numidia.

93 Manifestly, says the Oxford editor, this expression refers to "Jupiter the father of gods and men."

94 A city of Numidia; the scene of Hannibal's overthrow by Scorpio.

95 (The Nicene Creed is emphatic in the article based on this idea; and it proves that the primitive discipline of penitence was not in those days a "sacrament of absolution," to which all were compelled to submit. Private confessions seem to have been unknown.]

96 "Usilla," a city of Byzacena.

97 Possibly "Cerbaliana" in Byzacena.

98 A city of Numidia.

99 [The bearings of this simple statement upon the later claims of Stephen's See must not be overlooked.]

100 A city of Numidia Byzacenae.

101 John iii. 27.

102 A city of Zeugitana; some read "Tumida."

103 A city of Zeugitana.

104 A city of Mauritania Caesariensis. Fell observes that in Numidia are many cities of the name of "Nova" or "Noba."

105 A city of Zeugitana. There were two cities of the name - Boullaria, or Bulla Regia, and Boullaminsa, or Bulla Minor. The latter is probably referred to.

106 Otherwise "Memosita," a city of Zeugitana. It is also written "Membrosa."

107 John ix. 31.

108 Probably "Byzacene."

109 [Custom, then, was elsewhere established: and it ultimately prevailed; whether against truth or not, need not here be discussed.]

110 This is supposed to be "Antenti," a city of Byzacene.

111 Supposed to be Aggiva.

112 Mention of the Bishop of Marcelliana is found in Natitia Episcopatus Africae.

113 A village belonging to Byzacene, seventy-five miles from Carthage.

114 A city of Zeugitana.

115 Eph. iv. 5.

116 A city of Byzacene.

117 Called in some editions "a martyr from the schismatics."

118 A city of Numidia.

119 A city of Numidia.

120 [Noteworthy examples of episcopal modesty. In the colleges of bishops, however, it is now usual to call upon juniors first, that, if they should think differently from older brethren, their free opinion need not be restrained by deference.]

121 A city of Zeugitana, called Diarrhytus because of the number of the streams that water it. The name is otherwise read "Hippo Diarrhytorum."