1 [On councils, see Oxford trans., pp 232, 240.]

2 Of this council there exists no further memorials than such as have been here collected from Cyprian, and from St. Augustine, De Baptista contra Donatistas, book iii. ch. iv., v., and vi., and book vii. ch. i.; and in these nothing else is contained than the judgments of the eighty-seven bishops on the nullity of baptism administered by heretics. If any one desires to see these judgments impugned, let him consult Augustine as above. The results of this council are given in Ep. lxxi. p. 378, supra.

3 Of course this implies a rebuke to the assumption of Stephen, ["their brother," and forcibly contrasts the spirit of Cyprian with that of his intolerant compeer].

4 [This, then is the primitive idea of the relations existing, mutually, among bishops as brethren.]

5 Scil. of Mauritania; possibly, says the Oxford translator, Bidil, Bita, or "urbs Abitensis."

6 Eph. iv. 5.

7 According to some editions, "the sacrilegious man," etc.

8 "Sacramentum interrogat."

9 By the despotism of Stephen.

10 A city of Zeugitana. Augustine calls this bishop Felix, and speaks of him as the first of that name who spoke.- Fell.

11 This is the Polycarp referred to in Ep. xliv. p. 322, Supra. Adrumetum was a colony on the coast, about eighty-five miles from Carthage.

12 In Numidia.

13 In Mauritania Caesariensis.

14 Prov. ix. 12, LXX.

15 Prov. ix. 19.

16 John iii. 5.

17 Eph. iv. 3-6.

18 [He has no idea that this voice proceeds from any one bishop.]

19 John iii. 6.

20 Gal. v. 19-21.

21 In Numidia.

22 [This appeal to Scripture against Stephen must be noted, whatever we may think of his conclusions.]

23 Or Gilba.

24 Matt. v. 13.

25 Matt. xxviii. 18, 19.

26 Prov. xiv, 9, LXX.

27 Cirta Julia in Numidia.

28 In Numidia.

29 Ep. liii. p. 336, supra. Munnulus is mentioned as one of the bishops who write with Cyprian to Cornelius. He is there called "Monulus."

30 Gerra.

31 [Testimony to the meaning of the Holy Catholic Church in the Nicene Creed.]

32 Matt. xxviii. 19.

33 Perhaps Quidias in Mauritania Caesariensis.

34 Matt. xii. 30.

35 In Numidia. Here was held the Donatist "Concilium Bagaiense" of 310 bishops (Oxford ed.).

36 In Numidia.

37 The See of St. Augustine in Numidia, 218 miles from Carthage, and 160 miles from Hippo Diarrhytus. See p. 571, infra.

38 Badea, or Badel, in Numidia.

39 In Zeugitana.

40 Tucca-terebinthina in Zeugitana.

41 [Evidently he never suspects that Stephen is the rock.]

42 Thuburbo, or Thuburbis, in Zeugitana.

43 A city of Numidia Byzacenae.

44 In Byzacena.

45 A city of Numidia Ptolemais.

46 [Stephen and those who accept his ideas.]

47 Or Macodama in Numidia.

48 Perhaps Nova Caesaris in Numidia.

49 In Zeugitana, on the borders of Tunis.

50 Matt. xii. 30.

51 A colony variously called Tabraca or Tabathra.

52 Ouqina in Zeugitana.

53 Or Buruch, probably Bourka in Numidia.

54 This clause is omitted in the larger number of editions.

55 Ecclus. xxxiv. 25.

56 Sicca Veneria, a city of Zeugitana.

57 A city of Byzacena.

58 Matt. xxviii. 18.

59 "Let the reader observe here, as elsewhere, that the word `Trinity 0'is simply used for the persons of the Godhead" (Oxford edit.).

60 A city of Numidia.

61 John xiv. 6.

62 (Here is a concession that at least the local custom could be pleaded by Stephen.]