318 Ps. xcvii. 1.

319 Ps. xlv. 9-11.

320 Ps. lxxiv. 12.

321 Matt. ii. 1, 2.

322 John i. 36, 37.

323 Ps. lxxii. 1, 2.

324 The words "which He shall feed," or" shepherd," are wanting in the Apocalypse; and they are not found in many authorities.

325 Rev. xix. 11-16.

326 [Said to be in the old Itala, as in some Greek mss. So Irenaeus, vol. p. 524.]

327 Matt. xxv. 31-46.

328 [Whom he had probably baptized. Elucidation XI.]

329 [Whom he had probably baptized. Elucidation XI.]

330 [May the American editor of these volumes venture to trust that be has in some degree lightened the labours of those who come after him: "laboravi semel ne tu semper laborares."]

331 [Six-score precepts to be compared with the heathen maxims and morals with which they so generally conflict. See Elucidation XII.]