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Stephen Charnock [17th cent.?] (Public Domain Image)

The Works of Stephen Charnock


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Stephen Charnock (1628 - 1680), a Puritan divine, was an English Puritan Presbyterian clergyman born in London.

Charnock studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, during which he was converted to Christianity. After leaving the college, he was a private teacher. He a minister of the faith in Southwark for a short time. He continued on to New College, Oxford, where he earned a fellowship and gained a position as senior proctor

He moved to Ireland in 1656 where he became a chaplain to Henry Cromwell, governor of Ireland. In Dublin, he began preaching to a wide audience. He preached to different classes and denominations with skill.

In 1660, the monarchy of England was restored after its brief time as the Commonwealth of England. Charles II ascended the throne of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Due to new restrictions, Charnock was now legally prevented from practicing public ministry in Ireland and England. Nevertheless he moved to England and continued to study and to minister in non-public ways.

Charnock began a co-pastorship at Crosby Hall in London in 1675; this was his last official place of ministry before his death in 1680.

Nearly all of the numerous writings attributed to him were transcribed after his death. This is a collection of this longer works.

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Discourse of the Nature of Regeneneration
Discourse of the Word, the Instrument of Regeneration
Necessity of Regeneration
Discourse on the Cleansing Virtue of Christ's Blood
Discourse of the Efficient of Regeneration, Part I
Discourse of the Efficient of Regeneration, Part II
Discourse of God's being the Author of Reconciliation