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This Being is in all things, and throughout all; and all derive existence from it and exist through and in it.

BUT if this is true ‑‑ rather, since this must be true, it follows that, where this Being is not, nothing is. It is, then, everywhere, and throughout all things, and p. 60 in all. But seeing that it is manifestly absurd that as any created being can in no wise exceed the immeasurabIeness of what creates and cherishes it, so the creative and cherishing Being cannot, in anyway, exceed the sum of the things it has created; it is clear that this Being itself, is what supports and surpasses, includes and permeates all other things. If we unite this truth with the truths already discovered, we find it is this same Being which is in all and through all, and from which, and through which, and in which, all exist.

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