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Chapter 163

Jesus visits Pilate, who urges him to flee from the country to save his life. Jesus refuses to do so. He meets his disciples in Massalian's orchard. The scene in Gethsemane. The Jewish mob led by Judas appears.

1. As Jesus and the eleven went out, a Roman guard approached and said, All hail! Is one of you the man from Galilee?
2. And Peter said, We all are men from Galilee; whom do you seek?
3. The guard replied, I seek for Jesus, who is called the Christ.
4. And Jesus answered, Here am I.
5. The guard spoke out and said, I do not come in an official way; I bear to you a message from the governor.
6. Jerusalem is all alive with vengeful Jews who swear that they will take your life, and Pilate would confer with you, and he would have you come to him without delay.
7. And Jesus said to Peter and the rest, Go to the vale, and by the Kidron wait for me, and I will go alone and see the governor.
8. And Jesus went up with the guard, and when he reached the palace, Pilate met him at the gate and said,
9. Young man, I have a word to say that may be well for you. I have observed your works and words three years and more;
10. And I have often stood in your defence when your own countrymen would fain have stoned you as a criminal.
11. But now the priests, the scribes and Pharisees have stirred the common people to a stage of frenzied wantonness and cruelty, and they intend to take your life.
12. Because, they say, that you have sworn to tear their temple down; to change the laws that Moses gave; to exile Pharisee and priest and seat yourself upon a throne.
13. And they aver that you are fully in league with Rome.
14. The streets of all Jerusalem are filled this moment with a horde of madmen all intent to shed your blood.
15. There is no safety for you but in flight; wait not until the morning sun. You know the way to reach the border of this cursed land.
16. I have a little band of guards, well horsed and armed, and they will take you out beyond the reach of harm.
17. You must not tarry here, young man, you must arise and go.
18. And Jesus said, A noble prince has Cæsar in his Pilate Pontius, and from the point of carnal man your words are seasoned with the wise man's salt; but from the point of Christ your words are foolishness.
19. The coward flees when danger comes; but he who comes to seek and save the lost must give his life in willing sacrifice for those he comes to seek and save.
20. Before the pasch has been consumed, lo, all this nation will be cursed by shedding blood of innocence; and even now the murderers are at the door.
21. and Pilate said, It shall not be; the sword of Rome will be unsheathed to save your life.
22. And Jesus said, Nay, Pilate, nay; there are no armies large enough in all the world to save my life.
23. And Jesus bade the governor farewell, and went his way; but Pilate sent a double guard with him lest he should fall into the hands of those who were alert to take his life.
24. But in a moment Jesus disappeared; the guards saw him no more, and in a little while he reached the brook of Kidron where the eleven were.
25. Now, just beyond the brook there was an orchard and a home where one, Massalian, lived, where Jesus oft had been.
26. Massalian was his friend, and he believed that Jesus was the Christ that Jewish prophets long ago had said would come.
27. Now, in the orchard was a sacred knoll; Massalian called the place Gethsemane.
28. The night was dark, but in the orchard it was doubly dark and Jesus bade the eight disciples tarry by the brook,
29. While he, with Peter, James and John went to Gethsemane to pray.
30. They sat beneath an olive tree, and Jesus opened up the mysteries of life to Peter, James and John. He said,
31. The Spirit of eternity is One unmanifest; and this is God the Father, God the Mother, God the Son in One.
32. In life of manifests the One became the Three, and God the Father is the God of might; and God the Mother is omniscient God, and God the Son is love.
33. And God the Father is the power of heaven and earth; and God the Mother is the Holy Breath, the thought of heaven and earth; and God the Son, the only son, is Christ, and Christ is love.
34. I came as man to manifest this love to men,
35. As man I have been subject unto all the trials and temptations of the human race; but I have overcome the flesh, with all its passions and its appetites.
36. What I have done all men can do.
37. And I am now about to demonstrate the power of man to conquer death; for every man is God made flesh.
38. I will lay down my life, and I will take it up again, that you may know the mysteries of life, of death, and of the resurrection of the dead.
39. I lay me down in flesh, but I will rise in spirit form with power to manifest myself so mortal eyes can see.
40. So in a trinity of days I will show forth the all of life, the all of death, the meaning of the resurrection of the dead.
41. And what I do all men can do.
42. And you, my three, who constitute the inner circle of the Church of Christ, will show to men the attributes of all the Gods.
43. And Peter shall make known the Power of God; and James shall show Thought of God; and John shall demonstrate the Love of God.
44. Be not afraid of men, for you have been sent forth to do the mighty works of God the Father, God the Mother, God the Son.
45. And all the powers of carnal life cannot destroy your life until your work is done.
46. I leave you now, and I will go out in the darkness all alone and talk with God.
47. By sorrow I am overwhelmed I leave you here to watch with me.
48. Then Jesus went three hundred cubits toward the east, and fell upon his face and prayed; he said,
49. My God! my God! is there a way by which I may escape the horrors of the coming hours? My human flesh shrinks back; my soul is firm; so not my will, but thine, O God, be done.
50. In agony he prayed; the strain upon the human form was great; his veins were burst asunder, and his brow was bathed in blood.
51. And then he went back to the three, and found them all asleep; he said,
52. O Simon, Simon, do you sleep! Could you not watch with me a single hour? Be vigilant, and watch and pray that your temptations be not too great for you to bear.
53. I know the spirit is alert and willing; but the flesh is weak.
54. And then he went again and prayed, O Father, God! if I must drink this bitter cup, give me the strength of soul; for not my will, but thine be done.
55. And then he went again to his disciples; lo, he found them still asleep. He wakened them and said to James.
56. Have you been sleeping while your master has been wrestling with the greatest foe of men? Could you not watch with me a single hour?
57. And then he went again and prayed. O God, I yield to thee; thy will be done.
58. And then again he went back to the three, and still they slept. he said to John.
59. With all the love you have for me, could you not watch with me a single hour?
60. And then he said, It is enough; the hour has come, and my betrayer is at hand; arise and let us go.
61. And when they came again to Kidron, lo, the eight disciples were asleep, and Jesus said, You men, awake; behold, for the betrayer of the son of man is come.

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