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Chapter 150

Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus. With the twelve he goes to Bethany. The multitudes come to welcome him and to speak with Lazarus.

1. The Christines started on their way to Bethany, and as they went, while yet in Jericho, they passed a beggar sitting by the way; and he was blind Bartimaeus.
2. And when the beggar heard the multitude pass by he said, What is it that I hear?
3. The people said to him, Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.
4. And instantly the man cried out, Lord Jesus, son of David, stay! have mercy on poor blind Bartimaeus!
5. The people said to him, Be quiet; hold your peace.
6. But blind Bartimaeus called again, Thou son of David, hear! have mercy on poor blind Bartiaeus!
7. And Jesus stopped and said, Bring him to me.
8. And then the people brought the blind man to the Lord, and as they brought him up they said, Be cheerful, now, Bartimaeus, the Lord is calling you.
9. And then he threw his cloak aside, and ran to Jesus as he waited by the way.
10. And Jesus said, What will you have, Bartimaeus?
11. The blind man said, Rabboni, open up mine eyes that I may see.
12. And Jesus said, Bartimaeus, look up; receive your sight; your faith has made you whole.
13. And he at once received his sight, and from the fulness of his heart he said, Praise God.
14. And all the people said, Praise God.
15. Then Jesus and the twelve went on to Bethany. It was six days before the feast.
16. And when the people knew that Jesus was in Bethany they came from near and far to see him and to hear him speak.
17. And they were anxious all to talk with Lazarus, whom Jesus had awakened form the dead.
18. Now in Jerusalem the priests and Pharisees were all alert; they said, This Jesus will be at the feast, and we must not permit that he shall slip away again.
19. And they commanded every man to be alert and help to apprehend the Lord that they might take his life.

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