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Chapter 146

Last meeting of Jesus with his disciples in Galilee. Miriam sings a song of praise. The song. The Christines begin their journey to Jerusalem. They rest at Enon Springs. The selfish request of the mother of James and John. The Christines reach Jerusalem.

1. The work of Jesus in the land of Galilee was done, and he sent forth a message, and the many came from many towns of Galilee; came to receive a benediction from his hand.
2. Among the multitudes who came was Luke, a Syrian from Antioch, a learned physician and a just and upright man.
3. Theophilus, a Grecian senator, a minister of Cæsar's court, was also there; and many other men of honour and renown.
4. And Miriam sang: All hail the Day Star form on high!
5. All hail the Christ who ever was, and is and evermore shall be!
6. All hail the darkness of the shadowland! All hail the dawn of peace on earth; good will to men!
7. All hail triumphant king, who grapples with the tyrant Death, who conquers in the fight, and brings to light immortal life for men!
8. All hail the broken cross, the mutilated spear!
9. All hail the triumph of the soul! All hail the empty tomb!
10. All hail to him despised by men, rejected by the multitudes; for he is seated on the throne of power!
11. All hail! for he has called the pure in heart of every clime to sit with him upon the throne of power!
12. All hail, the rending veil! The way into the highest courts of God is open for the sons of men!
13. Rejoice, O men of earth, rejoice, and be exceeding glad!
14. Bring forth the harp and touch its highest strings; bring forth the lute, and sound its sweetest notes!
15. For men who were made low, are high exalted now, and they who walked in darkness and in the vale of death, are risen up and God and man are one for evermore,
16. Allelujah! praise the Lord for evermore. Amen.
17. And Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven and said,
18. My Father-God, let now the benediction of thy love, thy mercy and thy truth rest on these men.
19. The lamp is taken from their midst, and if the inner light be not aflame, lo, they must tread the ways of darkness and of death.
20. And then he said to all, Farewell
21. Then Jesus and his mother, and the twelve, and Miriam and Mary, mother of the two disciples, James and John,
22. And many other loyal souls who loved the Christ, went to Jerusalem, that they might celebrate the Jewish feast.
23. And as they journeyed on their way they came to Enon Springs, near unto Salim where the harbinger once taught.
24. And as they rested by the fountain, Mary, wife of Zebedee, and mother of the two disciples, James and John, came to the master and she said,
25. My Lord, I know the kingdom is about to come, and I would ask this boon: Command that these my sons shall sit with you upon the throne, the one upon the right, the other on the left.
26. And Jesus said to her, You know not what you ask.
27. And then he turned to James and John and said, Are you prepared and are you strong enough to drink the cup that I will drink?
28. They said, Yes, master, we are strong enough to follow where you go.
29. Then Jesus said, You shall indeed drink of my cup; but I am not the judge of who will sit upon my right or my left.
30. The men who live the life and keep the faith will sit upon the throne of power.
31. Now, when the apostles heard the pleadings of the mother for her sons, and knew that James and John were seeking special favours from the Lord, they were indignant and they said,
32. We surely thought that James and John had risen above the selfish self. Who can we trust among the sons of men?
33. And Jesus called the ten apart and said to them, How hard for men to comprehend the nature of the kingdom of the soul!
34. These two disciples do not seem to know that rulership in heaven is not akin to rulership on earth.
35. In all the kingdoms of the world, the men of power, they who exalt themselves, show their authority, and rule with iron rule;
36. But you must know that they who rule the sons of light are they who seek no earthly power, but give their lives in willing sacrifice for men.
37. Whoever would be great must be the minister of all. The highest seat in heaven is at the feet of him who is the lowest man of earth.
38. I had a glory with our Father-God before the worlds were made, and still I come to serve the race of men; to be the minister of men; to give my life for men.
39. And then the Christines journeyed on and came unto Jerusalem.

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