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Chapter 133

The twelve go to the feast in Jerusalem, but Jesus remains in Capernaum. He selects seventy disciples, and sends them out to teach and heal. He goes alone to the feast and on his way he heals ten lepers. He teaches in the temple.

1. The harvest feast drew near; the twelve went to Jerusalem, but Jesus did not go with them; he tarried in Capernaum.
2. Among the multitudes that followed him were many who went not up to the feast; they were not Jews.
3. And Jesus called three-score-and -ten of these disciples unto him and said, The kingdom of the Christ is not for Jews alone; it is for every man.
4. Lo, I have chosen twelve to preach the gospel, first unto the Jews; and they are Jews.
5. Twelve is the number of the Jew and seven the number of the all, including every man.
6. God is the ten, the holy Jod.
7. When God and man are multiplied we have three-score-and-ten, the number of the brotherhood of man.
8. And now I send you forth by twos and twos; not to the Jews alone, but unto every nation under heaven; to Greek and to Assyrian; to the Samaritan; to those beyond the seas; to every man.
9. You need not go afar, for men of every land are here and in Samaria.
10. Arise and go your way; but go in faith; and take no gold nor silver in your purse; no extra coat or shoes.
11. Go in the sacred name; trust God and you will never come to want.
12. And let this be your salutation everywhere, Peace be to all; good will to all.
13. And if the son of peace be in the house, the door will open wide and you will enter in; and then the holy peace will rest upon that house.
14. The seventy in twos went forth; they went into Samaria, and as they went they said, Peace be to all; good will to all!
15. Repent and turn from sin, and set your house in order, for a son of man who bears the image of the Christ, will come, and you may see his face.
16. They entered every village of Samaria; they preached in Tyre and in Sidon by the sea. Some went to Crete, and others into Greece, and others went to Gilead and taught.
17. And Jesus, all alone, went to the feast by the Samaria way; and as he went through Sychar on the way, the lepers saw him and a company of ten called from afar and said,
18. Lord Jesus, stay and speak the Word for us that we may be made clean.
19. And Jesus said, Go forth and show yourselves unto the priests.
20. They went, and as they went their leprosy was healed. One of the ten, a native of Samaria, returned to thank the master and to praise the Lord.
21. And Jesus said to him, Lo, ten were cleansed; where are the nine? Arise, and go your way; your faith has made you whole.
22. You have revealed your heart and shown that you are worthy of the power; behold the nine will find again their leprous hands and feet.
23. And Jesus went his way, and while the feast was on he came into Jerusalem, and went into the temple courts.
24. And he rebuked the scribes and Pharisees, the priests and doctors of the law for their hypocrisy and selfishness.
25. The common people were amazed; they said, From whence has come the wisdom of this man? he speaks as speaks a sage.
26. And Jesus said, I did not learn the wisdom of the Holy One within the schools of men; my teaching is not mine; I speak the words of him who sent me here to do his will.
27. If any man would know whereof I speak, lo, he must do the will of God. No man can know except he enters into life and does the will of God.
28. Now, Moses gave the law; but none of you have kept the law; how can you judge the worthiness of any man?
29. Once in these courts I healed a man upon a Sabbath day, and in a rage you sought to take my life; and now because I tell the truth you seek again to take my life.
30. A scribe spoke out and said, You foolish man, you are obsessed; who wants to take your life?
31. The common people said, Is this not Jesus whom the rulers long have sought to kill? and now he comes and teaches in the temple courts.
32. If he is guilty of such monstrous crimes, why do they not take him away in chains?
33. And Jesus said, You all know me, and know from whence I came; but you know not the God who sent me here, whose words I speak.
34. The multitudes again stood forth in his defence; they said, if this is not the Christ whom God has promised to reveal to men, will he do greater works when he shall come than does this man?
35. The Pharisees and ruling priests were angered and they sent their officers to take him e'er he went away. The officers were filled with fear; they seized him not.
36. And Jesus said, lo, I am here but for a little time and then I go my way to him who sent me here to do his will.
37. You seek me now and you can find me now; the time will come when you will seek and will not find, for where I go you cannot come.
38. The people said, Where will he go that men can find him not? Will he go forth to Greece and teach the Greeks? or will he go to Egypt or Assyria to teach?
39. But Jesus answered not; unnoticed by the multitudes he left the temple courts and went his way.

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