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Chapter 113

In answer to a question of Lamaas Jesus teaches a lesson on the reign of peace and the way to it through antagonisms. The signs of the times. Guidance of the Holy Breath. The Christines go to Bethsaida.

1. Now, after they had dined, the guests and Jesus all were in a spacious hall in Mary's home.
2. And then Lamaas said, Pray, tell us Lord, is this the dawn of peace?
3. Have we come forth unto the time when men will war no more?
4. Are you, indeed, the Prince of Peace that holy men said would come?
5. And Jesus said, Peace reigns to-day; it is the peace of death.
6. A stagnant pool abides in peace. When waters cease to move they soon are ladened with the seeds of death; corruption dwells in every drop.
7. The living waters always leap and skip about like lambs in spring.
8. The nations are corrupt; they sleep within the arms of death and they must be aroused before it is too late.
9. In life we find antagonists at work. God sent me here to stir unto its depths the waters of the sea of life.
10. Peace follows strife; I come to slay this peace of death. The prince of peace must first be prince of strife.
11. This leaven of truth which I have brought to men will stir the demons up, and nations, cities, families will be at war within themselves.
12. The five that have been dwelling in a home of peace will be divided now, and two shall war with three;
13. The son will stand against his sire; the mother and the daughter will contend; yea, strife will reign in every home.
14. The self and greed and doubt will rage into a fever heat, and then, because of me, the earth will be baptised in human blood.
15. But right is king; and when the smoke is cleared away the nations will learn war no more; the Prince of Peace will come to reign.
16. Behold, the signs of what I say are in the sky; but men can see them not.
17. When men behold a cloud rise in the west they say, A shower of rain will come, and so it does; and when the wind blows from the south they say, The weather will be hot; and it is so.
18. Lo, men can read the signs of earth and sky, but they cannot discern the signs of Holy Breath; but you shall know.
19. The storm of wrath comes on; the carnal man will seek a cause to hale you into court, and cast you into prison cells.
20. And when these times shall come let wisdom guide; do not resent. Resentment makes more strong the wrath of evil men.
21. There is a little sense of justice and of mercy in the vilest men of earth.
22. By taking heed to what you do and say and trusting in the guidance of the Holy Breath, you may inspire this sense to grow.
23. You thus may make the wrath of men to praise the Lord.
24. The Christines went their way, and came unto Bethsaida and taught.

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