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Chapter 110

Miriam sings a song of victory. The song. Jesus reveals the symbolic character of the journey of Israel from Egypt to Canaam.

1. And Miriam stood before the surging crowd, and casting up her eyes to heaven she sung anew the song of victory:
2. Bring forth the harp, the vina and the lyre; bring forth the highest sounding cymbal, all ye choirs of heaven. Join in the song, the new, new song.
3. The Lord of hosts has stooped to hear the cries of men, and lo, the citadel of Beelzebul is shaking as a leaf before the wind.
4. The sword of Gideon is again unsheathed.
5. The Lord, with his own hand has pulled far back the curtains of the night; the sun of truth is flooding heaven and earth;
6. The demons of the dark, of ignorance and death, are fleeing fast; are disappearing as the dew beneath the morning sun.
7. God is our strength and song; is our salvation and our hope, and we will build anew a house for him;
8. Will cleanse our hearts, and purify their chambers, every one. We are the temple of the Holy Breath.
9. We need no more a tent within the wilderness; no more a temple built with hands.
10. We do not seek the Holy Land, nor yet Jerusalem.
11. We are the tent of God; we are his temple built without the sound of edged tools.
12. We are the Holy Land; we are the New Jerusalem; Allelujah, praise the Lord!
13. And when the song was done the multitudes exclaimed, Praise God.
14. And Jesus said, Behold the way!
15. The sons of men have groped for ages in the darkness of Egyptian night.
16. The Pharaohs of sense have bound them with their chains.
17. But God has whispered through the mists of time and told them of a land of liberty and love.
18. And he has sent his Logos forth to light the way.
19. The Red Sea rolls between the promised land and Egypt's sands.
20. The Red Sea is the carnal mind.
21. Behold, the Logos reaches out his hand; the sea divides; the carnal mind is reft in twain; the sons of men walk through dry shod.
22. The Pharaohs of sense would stay them in their flight; the waters of the sea return; the Pharaohs of sense are lost and men are free.
23. For just a little while men tread the wilderness of Sin; the Logos leads the way;
24. And when at last men stand upon the Jordan's brink, these waters stay, and men step forth into their own.

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