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Chapter 102

The Christines at the home of Jesus. Jesus unfolds to them the secret doctrine. They go through all Galilee and teach and heal. Jesus brings to life the son of a widow at Nain. They return to Capernaum.

1. The twelve apostles went with Jesus to his home, and there abode for certain days.
2. And Jesus told them many things about the inner life that may not now be written in a book.
3. Now, in Capernaum, there lived a man of wealth, a Roman captain of a hundred men, who loved the Jews and who had built for them a synagogue.
4. A servant of this man was paralysed, and he was sick nigh unto death.
5. The captain knew of Jesus and had heard that by the Sacred Word he healed the sick, and he had faith in him.
6. He sent a message by the elders of the Jews to Jesus, and he pled for help.
7. and Jesus recognised the captain's faith and went at once to heal the sick; the captain met him on the way and said to him,
8. Lo, Lord, it is not well that you should come unto my house; I am not worthy of the presence of a man of God.
9. I am a man of war, my life is spent with those who ofttimes take the lives of fellow men.
10. And surely he who comes to save would be dishonoured if he came beneath my roof.
11. If you will speak the Word I know my servant will be well.
12. And Jesus turned and said to those who followed him,
13. Behold the captain's faith; I have not seen such faith, no, not in Israel.
14. Behold, the feast is spread for you; but while you doubt and wait, the alien comes in faith and takes the bread of life.
15. Then turning to the man he said, Go on your way; according to your faith so shall it be; your servant lives.
16. It came to pass that at the time that Jesus spoke the Word the palsied man arose, and he was well.
17. And then the Christines went abroad to teach. And as they came to Nain, a city on the Hermon way, they saw a multitude about the gates.
18. It was a funeral train; a widow's son was dead, and friends were bearing out the body to the tomb.
19. It was the widow's only son, and she was wild with grief. And Jesus said to her, Weep not, I am the life; your son shall live.
20. And Jesus raised his hand; the bearers of the dead stood still.
21. And Jesus touched the bier and said, Young man, return.
22. The soul returned; the body of the dead was filled with life; the man sat up and spoke.
23. The people were astonished at the scene, and every one exclaimed, Praise God.
24. A Jewish priest stood forth and said, Behold a mighty prophet has appeared; and all the people said, Amen.
25. The Christines journeyed on; they taught, and healed the sick in many towns of Galilee, and then they came again unto Capernaum.

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