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Chapter 89

The twelve apostles are at Jesus' home and are consecrated to their work. Jesus instructs them. He goes to the synagogue on the Sabbath and teaches. He casts an unclean spirit out of one obsessed. He heals Peter's mother-in-law.

1. Now, on the day before the Sabbath day, the twelve disciples who had received the call were met with one accord in Jesus' home.
2. And Jesus said to them, This is the day to consecrate yourselves unto the work of God; so let us pray.
3. Turn from the outer to the inner self; close all the doors of carnal self and wait.
4. The Holy Breath will fill this place, and you will be baptised in Holy Breath.
5. And then they prayed; alight more brilliant than the noonday sun filled all the room, and tongues of flame from every head rose high in air.
6. The atmosphere of Galilee was set astir; a sound like distant thunder rolled above Capernaum, and men heard songs, as though ten thousand angels joined in full accord.
7. And then the twelve disciples heard a voice, a still, small voice, and just one word was said, a word they dared not speak; it was the Sacred name of God.
8. And Jesus said to them, By this omnific Word you may control the elements, and all the powers of air.
9. And when within your souls you speak this Word, you have the keys of life and death; of things that are; of things that were; of things that are to be.
10. Behold you are the twelve great branches of the Christine vine; the twelve foundation stones; the twelve apostles of the Christ.
11. As lambs I sent you forth among wild beasts; but the omnific Word will be your buckler and your shield.
12. And then again the air was filled with song, and every living creature seemed to say, Praise God! Amen!
13. The next day was the Sabbath day; and Jesus went with his disciples to the synagogue, and there he taught.
14. The people said, He teaches not as do the scribes and Pharisees; but as a man who knows, and has authority to speak.
15. As Jesus spoke, a man obsessed came in; the evil spirits that obsessed the man were of the baser sort; they often threw their victim to the ground, or in the fire.
16. And when the spirits saw the Christine master in the synagogue they knew him, and they said,
17. You son of God, why are you here? would you destroy us by the Word before our time? we would have naught to do with you; let us alone.
18. But Jesus said to them, By the omnific Word I speak; Come out; torment this man no more; go to your place.
19. And then the unclean spirits threw the man upon the floor, and, with a fiendish cry, they went away.
20. And Jesus lifted up the man and said to him, If you will keep your mind fully occupied with good, the evil spirits cannot find a place to stay;
21. They only come to empty heads and hearts. Go on your way and sin no more.
22. The people were astonished at the words that Jesus spoke, the work he did. They asked among themselves,
23. Who is this man? From whence comes all this power that even unclean spirits fear, and flee away?
24. The Christine master left the synagogue; with Peter, Andrew, James and John, he went to Peter's house where one, a near of kin, was sick.
25. And Peter's wife came in; it was her mother who was sick.
26. And Jesus touched the woman as she lay upon her couch; he spoke the Word; the fever ceased and she arose and ministered to them.
27. The neighbours heard what had occurred, and then brought their sick, and those obsessed, and Jesus laid his hands on them, and they were healed.

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