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Chapter 84

The Christines resume their journey. They tarry a while in the city of Samaria. Jesus speaks in the synagogue. Heals a woman by mental power. He disappears, but later joins his disciples as they journey towards Nazareth.

1. The Christines turned their faces toward the land of Galilee; but when they reached the city of Samaria, the multitudes pressed hard about them, begging them to tarry in their city for a while.
2. And then they went up to the synagogue, and Jesus opened up the book of Moses, and he read:
3. In thee and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blest.
4. And then he closed the book and said, These words were spoken by the Lord of hosts unto our father Abraham, and Israel has been blessedness to all the world.
5. We are his seed; but not a tithe of the great work that we were called to do has yet been done.
6. The Lord of hosts has set apart the Israelites to teach the unity of God and man; but one can never teach that which he does not demonstrate in life.
7. Our God is Spirit, and in him all wisdom, love and strength abide.
8. In every man these sacred attributes are budding forth, and in due time they will unfold; the demonstration will completed be, and man will comprehend the fact of unity.
9. And you, ruler of the synagogue, and you, these priests, are honoured servants of the Lord of hosts.
10. All men are looking unto you for guidance in the ways of life; example is another name for priest; so what you would that people be, that you must be.
11. A simple godly life may win ten thousand souls to purity and right.
12. And all the people said, Amen.
13. Then Jesus left the synagogue, and at the hour of evening prayer he went up to the sacred grove, and all the people turned their faces toward their holy mount and prayed.
14. And Jesus prayed.
15. And as he sat in silent mood a voice of soul spoke to his soul imploring help.
16. And Jesus saw a woman on a couch in sore distress; for she was sick nigh unto death.
17. She could not speak, but she had heard that Jesus was a man of God, and in her heart she called on him for help.
18. And Jesus helped; he did not speak; but like a flash of light, a mighty virtue from his soul filled full the body of the dying one, and she arose, and joined her kindred while they prayed.
19. Her kindred were astonished and they said to her, How were you healed? And she replied,
20. I do not know; I simply asked the man of God in thought for healing power, and in a moment I was well.
21. The people said, The gods have surely come to earth; for man has not the power to heal by thought.
22. But Jesus said, The greatest power in heaven and earth is thought.
23. God made the universe by thought; he paints the lily and the rose with thought.
24. Why think it strange that I should send a healing thought and change the ethers of disease and death to those of health and life?
25. Lo, you shall see far greater things than this, for by the power of holy thought, my body will be changed from carnal flesh to spirit form; and so will yours.
26. When Jesus had thus said he disappeared, and no one saw him go.
27. His own disciples did not comprehend the change; they knew not where their master went, and they went on their way.
28. But as they walked and talked about the strange event, lo, Jesus came and walked with them to Nazareth of Galilee.

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