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Chapter 81

The Christines journey toward Galilee. They tarry for a time at Jacob's well and Jesus teaches a woman of Samaria.

1. The Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One was opened up, and Jesus and the six disciples and Laamas left the Jordan ford and turned their faces toward Galilee.
2. Their way lay through Samaria and they journeyed on they came to Sychar, which was near the plot of ground that Jacob gave to Joseph when a youth.
3. And Jacob's well was there, and Jesus sat beside the well in silent thought, and his disciples went into the town to purchase bread.
4. A woman of the town came out to fill her pitcher from the well; and Jesus was athirst, and when he asked the woman for a drink she said,
5. I am a woman of Samaria, and you a Jew; do you not know that there is enmity between Samaritans and Jews? They traffic not; then why ask me the favour of a drink?
6. And Jesus said, Samaritans and Jews are all the children of one God, our Father-God, and they are kin.
7. It is but prejudice born of the carnal mind that breeds this enmity and hate.
8. While I was born a Jew I recognise the brotherhood of life. Samaritans are just as dear to me as Jew or Greek.
9. And then had you but known the blessings that our Father-God has sent to men by me, you would have asked me for a drink.
10. And I would gladly have given you a cup of water from the Fount of Life, and you would never thirst again.
11. The woman said, This well is deep, and you have naught with which to draw; how could you get the water that you speak about?
12. And Jesus said, The water that I speak about comes not from Jacob's well; it flows from springs that never fail.
13. Lo, every one who drinks from Jacob's well will thirst again; but they who drink the water that I give will never thirst again;
14. For they themselves become a well, and from their inner parts the sparkling waters bubble up into eternal life.
15. The woman said, Sir, I would drink from that rich well of life. Give me to drink, that I may thirst no more.
16. And Jesus said, Go call your husband from the town that he may share with you this living cup.
17. The woman said, I have no husband, sir.
18. And Jesus answered her and said, You scarely know what husband means; you seem to be a gilded butterfly that flits from flower to flower.
19. To you there is no sacredness in marriage ties, and you affinitise with any man.
20. And you have lived with five of them who were esteemed as husbands by your friends.
21. The woman said, Do I not speak unto a prophet and a seer? Will you not condescend to tell me who you are?
22. And Jesus said, I need not tell you who I am for you have read the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms that tell of me.
23. I am one come to break away the wall that separates the sons of men. In Holy Breath there is no Greek, nor Jew, and no Samaritan; no bond, nor free; for all are one.
24. The woman asked, Why do you say that only in Jerusalem men ought to pray, and that they should not worship in our holy mount.?
25. And Jesus said, What you have said, I do not say. One place is just as sacred as another place.
26. The hour has come when men must worship God within the temple of the heart; for God is not within Jerusalem, nor in your holy mount in any way that he is not in every heart.
27. Our God is Spirit; they who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
28. The woman said, We know that when Messiah comes that he will lead us in the ways of truth.
29. And Jesus said, Behold the Christ has come; Messiah speaks to you.

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