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Chapter 78

Jesus in Jericho. Heals a servant of Asher. Goes to the Jordan and speaks to the people. Establishes baptism as a pledge of discipleship. Baptises six disciples, who in turn baptise many people.

1. And Jesus went to Jericho, and at the inn of Asher he abode.
2. A servant at the inn was sick, nigh unto death; the healers could not cure.
3. And Jesus came and touched the dying girl, and said, Malone, arise! and in a moment pain was gone; the fever ceased; the maid was well.
4. And then the people brought their sick, and they were healed.
5. But Jesus did not tarry long in Jericho; he went down to the Jordan ford where John was wont to teach.
6. The multitudes were there and Jesus said to them, Behold, the time has come; the kingdom is at hand.
7. None but the true in heart can come into the kingdom of the Holy One; but every son and daughter of the human race is called upon to turn from evil and become the pure in heart.
8. The resolution to attain and enter through the Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One will constitute discipleship, and every one must make a pledge of his discipleship.
9. John washed your bodies in the stream, symbolic of the cleansing of the soul, in preparation for the coming of the king, the opening of the Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One.
10. John did a mighty work; but now the Christine gate is opened up, and washing is established as the pledge of your discipleship.
11. Until this age shall close this pledge shall be a rite, and shall be called, Baptism rite; and it shall be a sign to men, and seal to God of men's discipleship.
12. You men of every nation, hear! Come unto me; the Christine gate is opened up; turn from your sins and be baptised, and you shall enter through the gate and see the king.
13. The six disciples who had followed Jesus stood a-near, and Jesus led them forth and in the Jordan he baptised them in the name of Christ; and then he said to them,
14. My friends, you are the first to enter through the Christine gate into the kingdom of the Holy One.
15. As I baptised you in the name of Christ, so you shall, in that sacred name, baptise all men and women who will confess their faith in Christ, and shall renounce their sins.
16. And, lo, the multitudes came down, renounced the sins, confessed their faith in Christ, and were baptised.

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