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Chapter 76

Jesus in Bethlehem. Explains the Empire of Peace to the shepherds. An unusual light appears. The shepherds recognise Jesus as the Christ.

1. The Logos went to Bethlehem, and many people followed him.
2. He found the shepherd's home where he was cradled when a babe; here he abode.
3. He went up to the hills where more than thirty years before the shepherds watched their flocks and heard the messenger of peace exclaim:
4. At midnight in a cave in Bethlehem the Prince of Peace is born.
5. And shepherds still were there, and sheep still fed upon the hills.
6. And in the valley near great flocks of snow-white doves were flying to and fro.
7. And when the shepherds knew that Jesus, whom the people called the king, had come, they came from near and far to speak to him.
8. And Jesus said to them, Behold the life of innocence and peace!
9. White is the symbol of the virtuous and pure! the lamb of innocence; the dove of peace;
10. And it was meet that love should come in human form amid such scenes as these.
11. Our father Abraham walked through these vales, and on these very hills he watched his flocks and herds.
12. And here it was that one, the Prince of Peace, the king of Salim, came; the Christ in human form; a greater far than Abraham was he.
13. And here it was that Abraham gave to this king of Salim, tithes of all he had.
14. This Prince of Peace went forth in battle everywhere. He had no sword; no armour of defence; no weapons of offence;
15. And yet he conquered men, and nations trembled at his feet.
16. The hosts of Egypt quailed before this sturdy king of right; the kings of Egypt placed their crowns upon his head,
17. And gave into his hands the sceptre of all Egypt land, and not a drop of blood was shed, and not a captive placed in chains;
18. But everywhere the conqueror threw wide the prison doors and set the captives free.
19. And, once again, the Prince of Peace has come, and from these blessed hills he goes again to fight.
20. And he is clothed in white; his sword is truth, his shield is faith; his helmet is innocence; his breath is love; his watchword peace.
21. But this is not a carnal war; it is not man at war with man; but it is right against the wrong.
22. And love is captain, love is warrior, love is armour, love is all, and love shall win.
23. And then again the hills of Bethlehem were clothed with light, again the messenger exclaimed,
24. Peace, peace on earth, good will to men.
25. And Jesus taught the people; healed the sick; revealed the mysteries of the kingdom of the Holy One.
26. And many said, He is the Christ; the king who was to come has come; Praise God.

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