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Chapter 71

Jesus, his six disciples and his mother, go to Capernaum. Jesus teaches the people, revealing the difference between the kings of earth and the kings of heaven.

1. The city of Capernaum was by the sea of Galilee, and Peter's home was there. The homes of Andrew, John and James were near,
2. These men were fishermen, and must return to tend their nets, and they prevailed on Jesus and his mother to accompany them, and soon with Philip and Nathaniel they were resting by the sea in Peter's home.
3. The news spread through the city and along the shore that Judah's king had come, and multitudes drew near to press his hand.
4. And Jesus said, I cannot show the king, unless you see with eyes of soul, because the kingdom of the king is in the soul.
5. And every soul a kingdom is. There is a king for every man.
6. This king is love, and when this love becomes the greatest power in life, it is the Christ; so Christ is king.
7. And every one may have this Christ dwell in his soul, as Christ dwells in my soul.
8. The body is the temple of the king, and men may call a holy man a king.
9. He who will cleanse his mortal form and make it pure, so pure that love and righteousness may dwell unsullied side by side within its walls, is king.
10. The kings of earth are clothed in royal robes, and sit in state that men may stand in awe of them.
11. A king of heaven may wear a fisher's garb; may sit in mart of trade; may till the soil, or be a gleaner in the field; may be a slave in mortal chains;
12. May be adjudged a criminal by men; may languish in a prison cell; may die upon a cross.
13. Men seldom see what others truly are. The human senses sense what seems to be, and that which seems to be and that which is, may be diverse in every way.
14. The carnal man beholds the outer man, which is the temple of the king, and worships at his shrine.
15. The man of God is pure in heart; he sees the king; he sees with eyes of soul:
16. And when he rises to the plane of Christine consciousness, he knows that he himself is king, is love, is Christ, and so is son of God.
17. You men of Galilee, prepare to meet your king.
18. And Jesus taught the people many lessons as he walked with them beside the sea.

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