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Chapter 69

Jesus and the ruler of the synagogue of Nazareth. Jesus teaches not in public, and the people are amazed.

1. Next day as Peter walked about in Nazareth, he met the ruler of the synagogue who asked, Who is this Jesus lately come to Nazareth?
2. And Peter said, This Jesus is the Christ of whom our prophets wrote; he is the king of Israel. His mother, Mary, lives on Marion Way.
3. The ruler said, Tell him to come up to the synagogue, for I would hear his plea.
4. And Peter ran and told to Jesus what the ruler said; but Jesus answered not; he went not to the synagogue.
5. Then in the evening time the ruler came up Marmion Way, and in the home of Mary found he Jesus and his mother all alone.
6. And when the ruler asked for proof of his messiahship, and why he went not to the synagogue when he was bidden, Jesus said,
7. I am not slave to any man; I am not called unto this ministry by priest. It is not mine to answer when men call. I come the Christ of God; I answer unto God alone.
8. Who gave you right to ask for proof of my messiahship? My proof lies in my words and works, and so if you will follow me you will not lack for proof.
9. And then the ruler went his way; he asked himself, What manner of a man is this to disregard the ruler of the synagogue?
10. The people of the town came out in throngs to see the Christ, and hear him speak; but Jesus said,
11. A prophet has no honour in his native town, among his kin.
12. I will not speak in Nazareth until the words I speak, and works I do in other towns have won the faith of men.
13. Until men know that God has christed me to manifest eternal love.
14. Good will to you, my kin; I bless you with a boundless love, and I bespeak for you abundant joy and happiness.
15. He said no more, and all the people marvelled much because he would not speak in Nazareth.

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