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Chapter 60

Jesus addresses the seven sages. The address. Jesus goes to Galilee.

1. The seven days of silence passed and Jesus, sitting with the sages said:
2. The history of life is well condensed in these immortal postulates. These are the seven hills on which the holy city shall be built.
3. These are the seven sure foundation stones on which the Universal Church shall stand.
4. In taking up the work assigned for me to do I am full conscious of the perils of the way; the cup will be a bitter one to drink and human nature well might shrink.
5. But I have lost my will in that of Holy Breath, and so I go my way to speak and act by Holy Breath.
6. The words I speak are not my own; they are the words of him whose will I do.
7. Man is not far enough advanced in sacred thought to comprehend the Universal Church, and so the work that God has given me to do is not the building of that Church.
8. I am a model maker, sent to make a pattern of the Church that is to be--a pattern that the age may comprehend.
9. My task as model builder lies within my native land, and there, upon the postulate that Love is son of God, that I am come to manifest that Love, the Model Church will stand.
10. And from the men of low estate I will select twelve men, who represent the twelve immortal thoughts; and these will be the Model Church.
11. The house of Judah, my own kindred in the flesh, will comprehend but little of my mission to the world.
12. And they will spurn me, scorn my work, accuse me falsely, bind me, take me to the judgement seat of carnal men who will convict and slay me on the cross.
13. But men can never slay the truth; though banished it will come again in greater power; for truth will subjugate the world.
14. The Model Church will live. Though carnal man will prostitute its sacred laws, symbolic rites and forms, for selfish ends, and make it but an outward show, the few will find through it the kingdom of the soul.
15. And when the better age shall come the Universal Church will stand upon the seven postulates, and will be built according to the pattern given.
16. The time has come; I go my way unto Jerusalem, and by the power of living faith, and by the strength that you have given.
17. And in the name of God, our Father-God, the kingdom of the soul shall be established on the seven hills.
18. And all the peoples, tribes and tongues of earth shall enter in.
19. The Prince of Peace will take his seat upon the throne of power; the Triune God will then be All in All.
20. And all the sages said, Amen.
21. And Jesus went his way, and after many days, he reached Jerusalem; and then he sought his home in Galilee.

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