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Chapter 54

Jesus becomes a private pupil of the hierophant and is taught the mysteries of Egypt. In passing the seventh test, he works in the Chamber of the Dead.

1. The senior course of study now was opened up and Jesus entered and became a pupil of the hierophant.
2. He learned the secrets of the mystic lore of Egypt land; the mysteries of life and death and of the worlds beyond the circle of the sun.
3. When he had finished all the studies of the senior course, he went into the Chamber of the Dead, that he might learn the ancient methods of preserving from decay the bodies of the dead; and here he wrought.
4. And carriers brought the body of a widow's only son to be embalmed; the weeping mother followed close; her grief was great.
5. And Jesus said, Good woman, dry your tears; you follow but an empty house; your son is in it not.
6. You weep because your son is dead. Death is a cruel word; your son can never die.
7. He had a task assigned to do in garb of flesh; he came; he did his work, and then he laid the flesh aside; he did not it more.
8. Beyond your human sight he has another work to do, and he will do it well, and then pass on to other tasks, and, by and by, he will attain the crown of perfect life.
9. And what your son has done, and what he yet must do, we all must do.
10. Now, if you harbour grief, and give your sorrows vent they will grow greater every day. They will absorb your very life until at last you will be naught but grief, wet down with bitter tears.
11. Instead of helping him you grieve your son by your deep grief. He seeks your solace now as he has ever done; is glad when you are glad; is saddened when you grieve.
12. Go bury deep your woes, and smile at grief, and lose yourself in helping others dry their tears.
13. With duty done comes happiness and joy; and gladness cheers the hearts of those who have passed on.
14. The weeping woman turned, and went her way to find a happiness in helpfulness; to bury deep her sorrows in a ministry of joy.
15. Then other carriers came and brought the body of a mother to the Chamber of the Dead; and just one mourner followed; she a girl of tender years.
16. And as the cortege neared the door, the child observed a wounded bird in sore distress, a cruel hunter's dart had pierced its breast.
17. And she left following the dead, and went to help the living bird.
18. With tenderness and love she folded to her breast the wounded bird, then hurried to her place.
19. And Jesus said to her, Why did you leave your dead to save a wounded bird?
20. The maiden said, This lifeless body needs no help from me; but I can help while yet life is; my mother taught me this.
21. My mother taught that grief and selfish love, and hopes and fears are but reflexes from the lower self;
22. That what we sense are but small waves upon the rolling billows of a life.
23. These all will pass away; they are unreal.
24. Tears flow from hearts of flesh; the spirit never weeps; and I am longing for the day when I will walk in light, where tears are wiped away.
25. My mother taught that all emotions are the sprays that rise from human loves, and hopes, and fears; that perfect bliss cannot be ours till we have conquered these.
26. And in the presence of that child did Jesus bow his head in reverence. He said,
27. For days and months and years I've sought to learn this highest truth that man can learn on earth, and here a child, fresh brought to earth, has told it all in one short breath.
28. No wonder David said, O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!
29. Out of the mouths of babes and suckings hast thou ordained strength.
30. And then he laid his hand upon the maiden's head, and said, I'm sure the blessings of my Father-God will rest upon you, child, for evermore.

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