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Chapter 45

Jesus teaches the Greek masters. Goes with Apollo to Delphi and hears the Oracle speak. It testifies for him. He abides with Apollo, and is recognised as the living Oracle of God. Explains to Apollo the phenomenon of oracular speech.

1. For many days the Grecian masters listened to the clear incisive words that Jesus spoke, and while they could not fully comprehend the things he said, they were delighted and accepted his philosophy.
2. One day as Jesus and Apollo walked beside the sea, a Delphic courier came in haste and said, Apollo, master, come; the Oracle would speak to you.
3. Apollo said to Jesus, Sir, if you would see the Delphic Oracle, and hear it speak, you may accompany me. And Jesus did accompany him.
4. The masters went in haste; and when they came to Delphi, great excitement reigned.
5. And when Apollo stood before the Oracle it spoke and said:
6. Apollo, sage of Greece, the bell strikes twelve; the midnight of the ages now has come.
7. Within the womb of nature ages are conceived; they gestate and are born in glory with the rising sun, and when the agic sun goes down the age disintegrates and dies.
8. The Delphic age has been an age of glory and renown; the gods have spoken to the sons of men through oracles of wood, and gold, and precious stone.
9. The Delphic sun has set; the Oracle will go into decline; the time is near when men will hear its voice no more.
10. The gods will speak to man by man. The living Oracle now stands within these sacred groves; the Logos from on high has come.
11. From henceforth will decrease my wisdom and my power; from henceforth will increase the wisdom and the power of him, Immanuel.
12. Let all the masters stay; let every creature hear and honour him, Immanuel.
13. And then the Oracle spoke not again for forty days, and priests and people were amazed. They came from near and far to hear the Living Oracle speak forth the wisdom of the gods.
14. And Jesus and the Grecian sage returned, and in Apollo's home the Living Oracle spoke forth for forty days.
15. One day Apollo said to Jesus as they sat alone, This sacred Delphic Oracle has spoken many a helpful word for Greece.
16. Pray tell me what it is that speaks. Is it an angel, man, or living god?
17. And Jesus said, It is not angel, man, nor god that speaks. It is the matchless wisdom of the master minds of Greece, united in a master mind.
18. This giant mind has taken to itself the substances of soul, and thinks, and hears, and speaks.
19. It will remain a living soul while master minds feed it with thought, with wisdom and with faith and hope.
20. But when the master minds of Greece shall perish from the land, this giant master mind will cease to be, and then the Delphic Oracle will speak no more.

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