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Chapter 26

Jesus at Katak. The car of Jagannath Jesus reveals to the people the emptiness of Brahmic rites, and how to see God in man. Teaches them the divine law of sacrifice.

1. In all the cities of Orissa Jesus taught. At Katak, by the river side, he taught, and thousands of the people followed him.
2. One day a car of Jagannath was hauled along by scores of frenzied men, and Jesus said,
3. Behold, a form without a spirit passes by; a body with no soul; a temple with no altar fires.
4. This car of Krishna is an empty thing, for Krishna is not there.
5. This car is but an idol of a people drunk on wine of carnal things.
6. God lives not in the noise of tongues; there is no way to him from any idol shrine.
7. God's meeting place with man is in the heart, and in a still small voice he speaks; and he who hears is still.
8. And all the people said, Teach us to know the Holy One who speaks within the heart, God of the still small voice.
9. And Jesus said, The Holy Breath cannot be seen with mortal eyes; nor can men see the Spirits of the Holy;
10. But in their image man was made, and he who looks into the face of man, looks at the image of the God who speaks within.
11. And when man honours man he honours God, and what man does for man, he does for God.
12. And you must bear in mind that when man harms in thought, or word or deed another man, he does a wrong to God.
13. If you would serve the God who speaks within the heart, just serve your near of kin, and those that are no kin, the stranger at your gates, the foe who seeks to do you harm;
14. Assist the poor, and help the weak; do harm to none, and covet not what is not yours;
15. Then, with your tongue the Holy One will speak; and he will smile behind your tears, will light your countenance with joy, and fill your hearts with peace.
16. And then the people asked. To whom shall we bring gifts? Where shall we offer sacrifice?
17. And Jesus said, Our Father-God asks not for needless waste of plant, of grain, of dove, of lamb.
18. That which you burn on any shrine you throw away. No blessings can attend the one who takes the food from hungry mouths to be destroyed by fire.
19. When you would offer sacrifice unto our God, just take your gift of grain, or meat and lay it on the table of the poor.
20. From it an incense will arise to heaven, which will return to you with blessedness.
21. Tear down your idols; they can hear you not; turn all your sacrificial altars into fuel for the flames.
22. Make human hearts your altars, and burn your sacrifices with the fire of love.
23. And all the people were entranced, and would have worshiped Jesus as a God; but Jesus said,
24. I am your brother man just come to show to way to God; you shall not worship man; praise God, the Holy One.

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