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Chapter 11

Elihu's lessons. Buddhism and the precepts of Buddha. The mysteries of Egypt.

1. Again Elihu taught; he said, The Indian priests became corrupt; Brahm was forgotten in the streets; the rights of men were trampled in the dust.
2. And the a mighty master came, a Buddha of enlightenment, who turned away from wealth and all the honours of the world, and found the Silence in the quiet groves and caves; and he was blest.
3. He preached a gospel of the higher life, and taught man how to honour man.
4. He had no doctrine of the gods to teach; he just knew man, and so his creed was justice, love and righteousness.
5. I quote for you a few of many of the helpful words which Buddha spoke:
6. Hate is a cruel word. If men hate you regard it not; and you can turn the hate of men to love and mercy and goodwill, and mercy is as large as all the heavens.
7. And there is good enough for all. With good destroy the bad; with generous deeds make avarice ashamed; with truth make straight the crooked lines that error draws, for error is but truth distorted, gone astray.
8. And pain will follow him who speaks or acts with evil thoughts, as does the wheel the foot of him who draws the cart.
9. He is a greater man who conquers self than he who kills a thousand men in war.
10. He is the noble man who is himself what he believes what other men should be.
11. Return to him who does you wrong your purest love, and he will cease from doing wrong; for love will purify the heart of him who is beloved as truly as it purifies the heart of him who loves.
12. The words of Buddha are recorded in the Indian sacred books; attend to them, for they are part of the instructions of the Holy Breath.
13. The land of Egypt is the land of secret things.
14. The mysteries of the ages lie lock-bound in our temples and our shines.
15. The masters of all times and climes come here to learn; and when your sons have grown to manhood they will finish all their studies in Egyptian schools.
16. But I have said enough. To-morrow at the rising of the sun we meet again.

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