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Translated by James Legge


Sacred Books of the East vol. 28

The Sacred Books of China vol. 5

Scanned at, October-November 2000
Lî Kî Part II Title Page and Contents
XI. Yü Zâo or The Jade-Bead Pendants of the Royal Cap
XII. Ming Thang Wei or The Places in the Hall of Distinction
XIII. Sang Fû Hsiâo Kî or Record of Smaller Matters in the Dress of Mourning
XIV. Tâ Kwân or The Great Treatise
XV. Shâo Î or Smaller Rules of Demeanour
XVI. Hsio Kî or Record on the Subject of Education
XVII. Yo Kî or Record of Music
XVIII. Zâ Kî or Miscellaneous Records.
XIX. Sang Tâ Ki or The Greater Record of Mourning Rites
XX. Kî Fâ or The Law of Sacrifices
XXI. Kî Î or The Meaning of Sacrifices
XXII. Kî Thung or A Summary Account of Sacrifices
XXIII. King Kieh or The Different Teaching of the Different Kings
XXIV. Âi Kung Wan or Questions of Duke Âi
XXV. Kung-Nî Yen Kü or Kung-Nî at Home at Ease
XXVI. Khung-Dze Hsien Kü or Confucius at Home at Leisure
XXVII. Fang Kî or Record of the Dykes
XXVIII. Kung Yung or The State of Equilibrium and Harmony
XXIX. Piâo Kî or The Record on Example
XXX. Dze Î or The Black Robes
XXXI. Pan Sang or Rules on Hurrying to Mourning Rites
XXXII. Wan Sang or Questions About Mourning Rites
XXXIII. Fû Wan or Subjects For Questioning About the Mourning Dress
XXXIV. Kien Kwan or Treatise on Subsidiary Points in Mourning Usages
XXXV. San Nien Wan or Questions About the Mourning for Three Years
XXXVI. Shan î or The Long Dress in One Piece
XXXVII. Thâu Hû or The Game of Pitch-Pot
XXXVIII. Zû Hsing (Hang) or The Conduct of the Scholar
XXXIX. Tâ Hsio or The Great Learning
XL. Kwan Î or The Meaning of the Ceremony of Capping
XLI. Hwan Î or The Meaning of the Marriage Ceremony
XLII. Hsiang Yin Kiû Î or The Meaning of the Drinking Festivity in the Districts
XLIII. Shê Î or The Meaning of the Ceremony of Archery
XLIV. Yen Î or The Meaning of the Banquet
XLV. Phing Î or The Meaning of the Interchange of Missions Between Different Courts
XLVI. Sang Fû Sze Kih or The Four Principles Underlying the Dress of Mourning