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A Feast of Lanterns, by L. Cranmer-Byng, [1916], at

p. 70


A.D. 1007-1072

Ou-Yang Hsiu, Chief Minister of State 1061 A.D., was one of the two foremost poets of the Sung dynasty. His poems, which have been all too little translated, are remarkable both for their exquisite imagery and colouring. Together with Sung Ch‘i, he produced the history of the T‘ang period. Cf. A. Lute of Jade, p. 111.


You far away—you know
That when the wine-cup reddens o’er the lake
I call to you a thousand leagues apart,
From the sheer confines of the world, and lo,
All golden for your sake,
Spring dimples through the doorway of my heart.

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