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p. 48


I. Delight

Once more Heaven bids the plough-star drive
      before the spring, and turn its handle to the east,
Spring—the blue harmonies of tumultuous waters!
The fair fragrance of orchid sprays.
Climb and look out and beyond. At once the eye
      retains the whole immeasurable expanse of
      the sea, and the slenderest film of the clouds.
The soul streams out in ecstasy.
Tears! my tears are falling.
Of the gentle pure breeze I sing—of the waves
      of Chang-lang are my songs
Of lake Duntkhin are my dreams, and my sighs
      for the river-lands of Oyas and Oyan.
What a lightness of health is in my soul! One
      with the spring-wafting of the wind, it soars
      away and flies I know not where. Yes! it
      soars, but whither I know not. And my
      thoughts are boundless.
I am whelmed in a dream of this fairest of seasons,
      in a mood that dispels not.
The whole plain heaves into bloom—what flowers!
      what sceneries!
Ah! fragrance of sweet herbs, my love and grief
      are for you.
Sorrow, a sharp-edged knife, is sheathed in my

p. 49

For these are the last of spring—the ending of
      spring's last days.
Sadness of heart takes hold of me, and no light

Away my thoughts! By the winding Khang, by
      the roaring rapids of Syan my plunging
      hands are hidden with fairy flowers—and
      still my thoughts have mastered me…

Each year this picture is the same. Spring comes
      —the flowers bloom. But lo, there is an
      end of them—and change comes over spring.

Swiftly, swiftly the long river speeds away its
I follow with my gaze the flowing waves and in
I pass with them to the east, to the very sea.
Alas! ’tis even so with spring—it stays not with
      us once its time has come.
Soon, too soon will Destiny send forth the breath
      of tottering age.
Ah! that I cannot fling a long, long rope over the
      blue sky and bind with it the white orb of
      light as it rushes on to its setting!

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