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Miscellaneous Short Chinese Texts

These files are articles and translations of short texts related to non-Buddhist Chinese religion taken from various public domain sources, primarily scholarly journals. There are also a large number of texts relating to Chinese Buddhism in the Mahayana section of the Miscellaneous Buddhist Texts page.

For journal title abbreviations, see the Journals page, where all the articles (including non-Chinese) are organized according to their sources.

Last updated Dec. 20, 2003.


The Imperial Mandate Raising Lao-Tze to Godhood, trans. not stated, from The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Volume XII: Medieval China, ed. Charles F. Horne, 1917, pp. 231-234
The Eight Immortals, W. Perceval Yetts (JRAS 1916, pp. 773-807) [1916]
The "Holy Edict" of K'ang-Hi, Paul Carus (Mon. vol. XIV, 5, pp. 733-746) [1904]

Chinese Christian variations:

Inscription of the Nestorian Monument (this is a Christian document from western China, c. 781 C.E.), trans. A. Wylie (OC vol. XXIII, 1, pp. 35-44) [1909]
The Tai-Ping Canon (the Tai-Ping rebellion was a pseudo-Christian revolution in central China lasting from the 1840's to 1864), Rev. Dr. Medhurst (OC vol. XVI, 1, pp. 59-63) [1902]

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