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The Yu Ku; narrative. The blind musicians of Chou; the instruments of music; and their harmony. Prepared probably for the occasion of the duke of Chou's completing his instruments of music, and announcing the fact at a grand performance in the temple of King Wên.

See the blind musicians here!
Sightless all, the men appear, p. 445
In the temple court of Chou.
All is ready for them now.

Stand the music frames around,
On whose posts rich plumes abound,
While their face boards, edged like teeth,
Show the drums that hang beneath.
Sounding stones and hand drums there
In the concert part shall bear.
See the chu to signalize
When the music shall arise;
And the , whose harsher note
Hushes instrument and throat.

When the duke has thus prepared,
Soon the various notes are heard.
Organ's swell and flutes’ soft voice
Make the listening ears rejoice.

Sweet the harmony of sound,
Holding all in rapture bound!
When such music shall be made,
Then our sires for whom ‘tis played,
And the visitors who come,
Welcomed to this sacred home,
Shall desire it to last long,
Thrilled with the melodious song.

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