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The Shih Mai; narrative. Appropriate to King Wu's sacrificing to Heaven, and to the spirits of all the hills and rivers, on a progress through the kingdom, after the overthrow of the Shang dynasty.

Now through his many states rides Wu,
  A royal progress making.
May Heaven its gracious favor show,
  Him for its own son taking!
Most surely has the house of Chou
  Been called to reign by Heaven.
To our Wu's slightest nod by all
  Trembling response is given. p. 439
All spirits to himself he draws,
  O’er sacred rites presiding;
Even the spirits of the Ho,
  And those on hills abiding.
Yes, he our sovereign lord is known
  As king supreme and glorious,
Our house of Chou distinguished is;
  ’Tis brilliant and victorious.
Wu to each prince his rank assigns;
  And now sweet peace enjoying,
He casts the spear and shield aside,
  The bow no more employing.
I will in ways of virtue walk,
  And spread it through our regions.
Thus shall the king preserve the throne,
  Without the aid of legions.

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