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p. 421


The Chiang Han; narrative. Celebrating an expedition against the more southern tribes of the Huai, and the work done for the king in their country by Hu. earl of Chao, with the manner in which the king rewarded him and he responded to the royal favor.

1On grandly flowed the Chiang and Han;
  As grandly moved our mighty force.
We rested not, nor idly strayed;
  Straight to the Huai we held our course.
Forth all our cars of war had come;
  Unfurled, our falcon banners flew.
We rested not, nor were remiss,—
  Marshaled the Huai tribes to subdue.

2Again come to the mighty stream,
  The troops in martial splendor shone.
Of the whole land to order brought
  Announcement to the king had gone.
Peace through the hostile region reigned;—
  The king's state breathed, and was at rest.
The battle strife no longer raged,
  And quiet filled the royal breast. p. 422

3The king had charged our Hu of Chao,
  Where the two streams their waters join:—
"Go, open all the country up;
  As law requires, its lands define.
I would not have those tribes distressed,
  But this state must their model be.
Their lands, in small and larger squares,
  Must stand, far as the southern sea."

4And now thus says at court the king:—
  "Great lord, your work is nobly done.
Your ancestor was their support,
  When Wên and Wu received the throne.
Compared with them, a child am I;
  You are the great duke's worthy heir.
Grand has your merit now appeared;
  Your happiness shall be my care.

5"This jade libation cup, and jar
  Of flavored spirits, now receive. p. 423
For further grant of hills and streams,
  I've asked our cultured founder's leave.
More than your sire received in Chao,
  These in K‘e-chou to you I give."
Hu, grateful, bowed his head, and said,
  "Great son of Heaven, forever live!"

6He bowed, then rose, and loud proclaimed
  The gracious goodness of the king,
And vowed he still would do his best,
  That through the land Chao's praise should ring.
"Yes, live forever, son of Heaven,
  Display thy wisdom, spread thy fame!
Thy civil virtues still go forth,
  Till all the realm shall bless thy name!"

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