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The Yü Tsao; allusive. Praise of the king by the princes at some feast:—his quiet happiness in Hao.

1Fishes there among the pondweed lie;
From the bank their large heads we espy;—
       Fishes could not happier be. p. 308
Here in Hao resides our lord, the king;
To him joy his festive pleasures bring.
       Happy and at ease is he.

2Fishes there among the pondweed glide;
From the bank their long tails are descried;—
       Fishes could not happier be.
Here in Hao resides the king, our lord;
Festive pleasures joy to him afford.
       Happy and at ease is he.

3Fishes there among the pondweed live,
Shelter to them where the rushes give;—
       Fishes could not happier be.
Here in Hao the king, our lord, resides;
Safe and tranquil ever here he bides.
       Happy and at ease is he.

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