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p. 221


The Chi Jih; narrative. Celebrating a hunting expedition by King Hsüan on a smaller scale, attended by the officers of the court, and within the royal domain.

1The day Mow-shin was lucky found;
  Then to the sire of steeds we prayed.
Our cars and teams and gear were good;
  We scour the heights where wild game strayed.

2And Keng-wu also lucky proved;
  We picked our steeds, and chose our ground,—
Where stags and does by Ts‘eih and Ts‘eu
  Made sport for him whom Heaven had crowned.

3We viewed the plain where teeming game
  Now shivering stand, now frantic run;
Here two, there three. We charged along,
  Pleasure to yield to Heaven's great son.

4We bend our bows; our shafts we grasp;
  There lies the huge behemoth low,
And boars are pierced:—spoil for the guests,
  At court, when wine cups overflow.

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