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The Ching Ching Chê O; allusive and metaphorical. An ode, celebrating the attention paid by the early kings of Chou to the education of talent.

1Bright grows the aster-southernwood,
  Luxuriant on that spacious mound.
Our lord, renowned for courtesy,
  Wakes in our hearts a joy profound.

2The aster, clothing yonder isle,
  Its color throws o’er all the stream.
When we our noble lord behold,
  Our hearts reflect his gladdening beam. p. 213

3The aster on that lofty height
  In beauteous state luxuriant grows.
An hundred sets of cowries bright
  Our noble lord on us bestows.

4Our youth were like the willow boat,
  Sinking and rising on the tide.
Our noble lord now for them cares;—
  In him our resting hearts confide.

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