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p. 180


The Chiu Yü; allusive and narrative. The people of the east express their admiration of the duke of Chou, and sorrow at his returning to the west.

1The nine inclosures of the net
  The rud and bream keep tight.
Our prince in dragon robe we see,
  And skirt with figures bright.

2The geese brief time fly round the isles;
  Home bends the duke his way.
’Twas only for two passing nights
  He deigned with us to stay.

3Back to the land now fly the geese;
  The duke comes not again.
’Twas only for two passing nights
  He could with us remain.

4Short time the single dragon robe
  Among us we have had.
Our duke, O take not to the west,
  Nor bid our hearts be sad!

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