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p. 163

Book XIV. The Odes of Ts‘ao


The Fou Yu; metaphorical. Against some parties in the state, occupied with frivolous pursuits, and oblivious of important matters.

1Like splendid robes appear the wings
  Of the ephemeral fly;
And such the pomp of those great men,
  Which soon in dust shall lie!
I grieve! Would they but come to me!
  To teach them I should try.

2The wings of the ephemeral fly
  Are robes of colors gay;
And such the glory of those men,
  Soon crumbling to decay!
I grieve! Would they but rest with me,
  They’d learn a better way!

3The ephemeral fly bursts from its hole,
  With gauzy wings like snow;
So quick the rise, so quick the fall,
  Of those great men we know!
I grieve! Would they but lodge with me,
  Forth they would wiser go.

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