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The Su Kuan; narrative. Some one deplores the decay of filial feeling, as seen in the neglect of the mourning habit.

1O that I saw the mourning robe of white,
  Assumed when two years from the death are o’er,
And earnest mourner's form, to leanness worn!
  Not seeing this, my heart with grief is sore.

2O that I saw the lower robe to match
  This cap of white! I'd with the wearer go,
And live with him, my heart eased of its smart,—
  Its sadness gone, such mourner true to know. p. 161

3O that I saw the white knee covers worn,
  Suiting the cap and skirt! I should feel bound
To him whose lasting grief so sought relief.
  The sympathy would heal my heart's deep wound.

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