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The Yüeh Ch‘u; allusive. A gentleman tells all the excitement of his desire for the possession of a beautiful lady.

1The moon comes forth, bright in the sky;
A lovelier sight to draw my eye
  Is she, that lady fair.
She round my heart has fixed love's chain,
But all my longings are in vain.
  ’Tis hard the grief to bear.

2The moon comes forth, a splendid sight;
More winning far that lady bright,
  Object of my desire!
Deep-seated is my anxious grief;
In vain I seek to find relief,
  While glows the secret fire. p. 157

3The rising moon shines mild and fair;
More bright is she, whose beauty rare
  My heart with longing fills.
With eager wish I pine in vain;
O for relief from constant pain,
  Which through my bosom thrills!

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