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p. 140


The Ssŭ T‘ieh; narrative. Celebrating the growing opulence of the lords of Ch‘in, as seen in their hunting.

1Our ruler to the hunt proceeds;
And black as iron are his steeds
That heed the charioteer's command,
Who holds the six reins in his hand.
His favorites follow to the chase,
Rejoicing in his special grace.

2The season's males, alarmed, arise,—
The season's males, of wondrous size.
Driven by the beaters, forth they spring,
Soon caught within the hunters’ ring.
"Drive on their left," the ruler cries;
And to its mark his arrow flies.

3The hunting done, northward he goes;
And in the park the driver shows
The horses’ points, and his own skill
That rules and guides them at his will.
Light cars, whose teams small bells display,
The long and short-mouthed dogs convey.

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