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p. 131


The Ch‘ou Mou; allusive. Husband and wife express their delight at their unexpected union.

1  Round and round the fagots I've bound,
    And the Heart in heaven shines clear.
  Oh! that I such an evening have found!
    That this good man should be here!
      O me! O me!
With a husband like this I have nothing to fear.

2  Round and round the grass we have bound;
    And the corner shines the Heart.
  Strange that we such an evening have found!
    Thus to meet and never to part!
      O joy! O joy!
That this meeting should come without scheming or art!

3  Round and round the thorns I have bound;
    From the door the Heart I see.
  Oh! that I such an evening have found!
    That this Beauty is come to me!
      O me! O me!
That this lady so lovely mine only should be!

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