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The I Chieh; narrative. Lament over Duke Chuang of Lu, notwithstanding his beauty of person, elegance of manners, and skill in archery.

1A grand man is the prince of Lu,
  With person large and high.
Lofty his front, and suited to
  The fine glance of his eye! p. 115
Swift are his feet. In archery
  What man with him can vie?
With all these goodly qualities,
  We see him and we sigh!

2Renowned through all the land is he,
  The nephew of our lord.
With clear and lovely eyes, his grace
  May not be told by word.
All day at target practice,
  He'll never miss the bird.
Such is the prince of Lu, and yet
  With grief for him we're stirred!

3All grace and beauty he displays,
  High forehead, and eyes bright.
And dancing choice! His arrows all
  The target hit aright.
Straight through they go, and every one
  Lights on the selfsame spot.
Rebellion he could well withstand,
  And yet we mourn his lot!

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