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p. 105

Book VIII. The Odes of Ch‘i


The Chi Ming; narrative. A model marchioness stimulating her husband to rise early, and attend to his duties at court.

1His lady to the marquis says,
  "The cock has crowed; ‘tis late.
Get up, my lord, and haste to court.
  ’Tis full; for you they wait."
She did not hear the cock's shrill sound,
Only the blue flies buzzing round.

2Again she wakes him with the words,
  "The east, my lord, is bright.
A crowded court your presence seeks;
  Get up, and hail the light."
’Twas not the dawning light which shone,
But that which by the moon was thrown.

3He sleeping still, once more she says,
  "The flies are buzzing loud.
To lie and dream here by your side
  Were pleasant, but the crowd
Of officers will soon retire;
Draw not on you and me their ire!"

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