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p. 91


The Ch‘ing Jên; narrative. The useless maneuvering of an army of Chêng on the frontiers.

1The men of Ch‘ing in Peng all idle lie.
  The general's chariot with its mail-clad team
  Moves restlessly, and, rising from it, gleam
The tasseled spears, one ’bove the other high.
  So aimless roam the troops about the Ho!

2The men of Ch‘ing all round in Hsiao are spread,
  Although the chariot, with its mail-clad team,
  Looks martiallike, and, rising from it, gleam
The hookèd spears, one high, one low displayed;
  Yet aimless look they all about the Ho!

3The men of Ch‘ing have moved to Chou. Proud pace
  The mail-clad team, whose driver on the left
  Wheels round the chariot, and the spearman deft
Displays his spear; ’tween them the general's face
  Looks pleased;—‘tis mimic war upon the Ho!

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