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p. 57


The Kan Mao; narrative. The zeal of the officers of Wei to welcome men of worth.

1Where Chün's suburbs lie remote,
From the staffs the oxtails float.
High the staffs, and each one bright
With its silken bandlets white!
Four cars drawn by steeds of fire
Welcome guest whom. all desire.
Admirable, what will he
Give to meet such courtesy?

2In Chün's suburbs near the town,
Fly the falcon banners, blown
From the staffs that rise around,
All with bands of white silk bound.
Five cars drawn by horses strong
Wait the guest who comes along.
Courteous, worthy,—what shall he
Pay for all this courtesy?

3Now the walls of Chün we see;
Feather’d streamers flutter free
From the flagstaffs strong and stout,
"Girt by silken bands about. p. 58
Six cars drawn by steeds of fame
Well attest the guest's high name.
Sage profound, what can he say
That such welcome will repay?

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